Tuesday, May 7, 2013

finally a little update

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long. It has been a crazy and sometimes stressful few months but Squirt and Roo are home and doing great!

Every day I am amazed at how far we have come. They were so tiny and now they just seem huge!

I wanted to write a quick little post to let you know how they are doing and finally share some pictures. Between taking care of them and exclusively pumping for them I don't have much time to write and read. Things are slowly getting easier so hopefully I will be able to write more often soon and catch up on all your lives.

So here they are!

Squirt was born at 3lbs 2oz and is now 7lbs!!!
Squirt in the first week
 Roo was born at 1lb 7oz and is now 5lbs!!
Roo in the first week

The night Roo came home

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