Monday, July 8, 2013

what i have been up to in my "free time"

Read "free time" as while I'm sitting on my butt pumping.

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy the past few months with Squirt and Roo, lots of family visiting from out of state, BBQs, parties and 2 weeks ago our beautiful little miracles were baptized.

Prepping for their baptism was what was taking up all my "free time" because I took on the crazy task of crocheting their baptism outfits.

I wrote many times how I always wanted to make a blanket that I would finally keep for my own babies, but I also dreamed of crocheting beautiful baptism outfits for their special day. Something special they could keep, look back on when they grow up and maybe if they have their own children they could wear it too. (I'm still working on the blankets. They probably won't be done till the fall)

So, today I wanted to share the finished products with you.

Squirt's outfit had shorts with suspenders and a short sleeve jacket. Those little suspenders and buttons kill me they are so cute! I love how the back loop stitch makes the outfit look ribbed. We found some cute plain white soft shoes for him.
The slip is shorter than the dress, but Roo kept pulling the dress up.
Roo's dress was a shell stitch so it made a pretty scalloped edge. The cap like sleeves were so big they made her look like she had wings. We found some cute lacy shoes for her. My Guardian Angel friend made her slip to go underneath. It was so special for her to be a part of it all.

They were both given hankie bonnet at my shower.

If you haven't heard of it a hankie bonnet is a handkerchief folded and with a little stitch and some ribbon is turned into a bonnet for them to wear.

Here is the poem that came with them.

I am just a little hankie, as square as can be;
But with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days,

And then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.
Then on the wedding, I have been told,
Every well dressed Bride must have something old.
So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me,
A few stitches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I will be.
And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed.
So to his Bride he can present the handkerchief once worn upon his head.

That poem makes me cry every time I read it.

It was such a special day with family and friends. We invited everyone in our little church to celebrate with us. While they were in the NICU everyone was asking about them and praying for them. My Mom kept them updated every week with pictures, weights and milestones. I was told how they celebrated every little oz they gained and every little milestone they hit. After my Mom would give the update they would all clap.

I am crying so hard right now. Tears of joy. I know blessed I am and feel how much we love them, but knowing how much they are loved by everyone else is overwhelming.

I wanted to thank everyone again for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes for them. All the support you gave me even though I have been MIA for so long.

Now that things have calmed down and we are on a really good schedule, I will be around more often. I miss everyone and can't wait to catch up on all your lives.
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