Tuesday, September 4, 2012

8 weeks

Due date:  According to my ovulation day my due date is April 16, 2013.

How far along?: 8 weeks

Total weight loss/gain: Again, I forgot to weigh myself. I will do it tomorrow and update. Update: As of the day before my IUI I was 206. This week I am still 206.

What's going on with the babies?: Roo and Squirt are doing great! We saw their hearts beating away again today both at 167 bpm. Roo measured 7w4d and Squirt measured 7w3d. Our babies are about a half an inch long. They have visible elbows and webbed fingers and toes. Their eyes are getting larger and darkening. Their ears are just starting to develop. New U/s photo up on the Roo & Squirt page!

What's going on with my body?: A few things have kicked into high gear this week. The biggest one has been fatigue. I have been sleeping great and still take a 2 hour nap at some point during the day. If I don't I feel horrible! My production of mucous and other fluids has increased a ton from both ends! My nose is constantly running and I have a post nasal drip that makes me gag a bit. The PND combined with gagging on my toothbrush actually made me barf this morning! First time barfing YAY! I have lots more CM and have been peeing a lot more now. I also have increased my earwax production. Anyone want some homemade candles? Eeewww JK! My libido has kicked into high gear too, but I will cover that below. I have also had some major hot flashes that make me really dizzy! I have to lay down for a bit or blast the AC in the car.
I have started to feel icky about the same time every night, usually right before bed. You can find me every night tucked into bed, munching on some dry cereal to settle my stomach. Life has been my go to, but I am out of that so we will see how Cheerios do tonight.

What does the belly look like?: Still jiggly, but I think a little bigger. Hopefully I will put up a pic tomorrow. I know, I'm a slacker!

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet. My jeans that are too big on me are starting to shrink just a bit. Either that or I'm getting bigger!

Movement:Nothing yet, entirely to early!

Sleep: I have been sleeping great! Basically through the night, but get up to pee once or twice.

Cravings/aversions: Still no cravings yet, but I am really enjoying food. I still feel icky if I don't eat often enough and when I do eat I hit a wall where I know I won't feel well if I take another bite even if I'm not full yet.

Sex of the baby: Won't find out for a while. Hubby wants to and I don't. That might be a problem.

Names: We have had a boy's name picked out since the first year we were dating. If we have a boy he will probably get that name, but we agree if he totally doesn't look like it we will name him something else. We have a few boy and girl names in our heads that we have collected over the years. Probably a good time to write them down.

What I miss: I miss my Life cereal. It's late, I'm feeling icky and the Honey Nut Cheerios we have aren't cutting it. I will have to get some more tomorrow! Other than that I miss nothing.

What I am looking forward to: Telling our parents! We bought little 20 page photo albums for our Moms that say "Grandma's Brag Book". My Mom is all about her brag books. She still has one from my wedding at her station at the family salon. She shows everyone who hasn't seen it yet and probably lots of people who already have LOL! Anyway, we put each of the U/s photos we have in the book with little arrows pointing to the sacs and then the babies so they know what they are looking at. We got a generic album for the Hubby's Dad and Step Mom with the same photos. I think we are going to do it on Saturday. I will definitely do a post about it when I do it.

Mood: I was feeling great until I had my spotting scare on Friday night. The Hubby reminded me that I was not having any cramping and it is normal, but I was still a little freaked out till I saw our babies again today. More on the spotting below.

Milestones: Today was my last visit to my RE. I move onto my OBGYN on Tuesday!!!

Medical concerns: Even though it is a normal thing, I was kinda concerned about the spotting I had late Friday night. I didn't have any cramps and it was gone by the morning. I still took it easy Saturday and just vegged out all day. I told my RE and she wasn't concerned. The Hubby and I both think that maybe it was just from some cervix irritation from lots of...

Sex?: Like I said above, my libido really kicked into high gear this week and I think the Hubby and I over did it a bit. Even on Saturday when I was taking it easy after the spotting, all I could think about was having some fun with the Hubby! Sheesh, I need to calm down, maybe take a cold shower. Even though it's all I can think about we haven't since the spotting. I guess my fear overrode it. Now that we saw our babies again it's time to get back on the horse! Hmm...I don't think the Hubby will appreciate me calling him a horse.

Best moment of the week: The relief of seeing our babies heartbeats again today!

Hows Daddy?: He is so wonderful keeping me calm when I have my little freak outs and being so attentive. He always makes sure I'm ok when he can see I'm feeling icky. Wants me to be as comfortable as possible. We have always likes to touch while sleeping. We usually hold hands or he has his hand on my hip while we sleep. Over the past couple of weeks his hand has been on my belly instead. When I wake up in the middle of the night to pee it's still there. Even if I'm laying on my side, his hand is there. Makes me smile and tear up every time.

Some funny/cute things Hubby has said (at least I think they are): This morning he heard me barfing and came to the door of the bathroom.

"Are you barfing?" he asked

"Yes" I replied, in between my dry heaves

"Are you happy about it?"

"Yes" I said while trying to catch my breath.

"Ok, good! YAY you are barfing!!!" he yelled excitedly.

At this point I was trying to breathe slowly and keep from dry heaving. He made me laugh so it started all over again!

Nursery: Nothing changed. Still a bit of a mess and we still don't have the bed in there for my FIL. It's been a busy week. Hopefully this week we will be home more and can clean up more.


  1. Okay now I have the nickname "horse" going through my head. Egads Emily I didn't need that! LOL

    Glad to know that things will be okay with you after the spotting scare.

  2. OMG. I laughed out loud about the barfing comment. Only someone who has struggled with infertility would be excited about barfing. :) So happy for you!!

  3. LOVE your husband's support :) mine was so similar! He said, I can't really be sorry you feel bad because it means that the baby must be growing, so YAY you feel bad. hahaha :) so freakin cute :) I'm so happy for you!

  4. That "Are you barfing?" exchange is hilarious! Glad you're... happy? to be feeling sick. Keep getting lots of rest, either with or without your hubby! :-)

  5. My husband likes to touch my stomach too, but it's so sensitive he can only keep his hand there for a few seconds before I'm moving it. :)

  6. #1 - Invest in Always XL pantiliners! I change mine twice a day from all the juice down there!

    #2 - Enjoy all the sex while you can! Your libido will kick into high gear in the 2nd trimester, and once you start nearing the 3rd trimester you'll be too big to enjoy it anymore (and also you'll be too scared it will bring on pre-term labor! WEEEE!!!)

    #3 - I love Life cereal!!!

    1. #1-I found the always liners a couple of months ago and I love them! They actually stay put unlike the old ones I uses to use.

      #2-I am going to enjoy it as much as possible and till my Dr says I can't anymore!

      #3-So good! OmNomnomnom!

  7. Your hubbys comments made me giggle, sounds like something Matt would say. He was so confused the one day because I was laughing and crying at the same time. Yay hormones!!

    1. It's so crazy! Usually if I'm laughing while crying it's because I'm laughing at myself crying at something so stupid LOL!

  8. Happy 8 weeks! Can't wait to read your post about telling your parents!

  9. Still laughing about the barfing conversation. ;)

  10. Yay for a good ultrasound!

  11. the barfing conversation at the end made me laugh out loud! I was also thankful every day that I threw up... all 11 weeks of it!

  12. Sorry I've been so busy but WOW!!!!! COngrats!!!! Twins!!! Isn't it surreal!! So excited for you!!!

  13. I am so glad things are still going well! Great update =D

    Btw, your hubby is too funny! "Yay you are barfing!" LOL!


It is always exciting finding new comments! I really love knowing you were here!

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