Tuesday, January 22, 2013

role reversal

Like so many of you, Since TTC and through this pregnancy I have gotten countless shots in my belly and butt. Lots of follistim, ovidrel and progesterone. Some I gave myself, some my Dr gave, but most of them were given to me by my dear sweet Hubby.

He always did a great job and stepped up when I couldn't do it myself because I was too emotionally invested in the cycle. It was a way for me to step back a bit and lift some of the pressure. Now, the roles are reversed.

When TTC, we found out that on top of my anovulation the Hubby had a low sperm count due to low testosterone. He was put on clomid and it worked great. Clomid is not something his Dr wanted him on for a long period of time so when I hit 12 weeks pregnant he was weaned off it. To keep him healthy and feeling good he was put on testosterone replacement. There are 2 major options, topical gels and IM injection.

With the topical gel I would have to be careful around him and make sure I don't come in contact with the gel on his skin so we decided the injection was the best idea at least while I am pregnant.

His Dr gave him the first couple and since then it has been my job. I get to give my Hubby a big shot in the butt! The testosterone suspension is thick! A lot thicker than progesterone so it takes a lot longer to inject. I know the Hubby hates needles. He doesn't freak out about them, but he definitely doesn't like them. Now, I get to be there and do something for him that he can't do for himself.

I'm glad we decided on the injection. He feels great on it.


  1. My mom had to give my father those injections a few years ago too. She is used to only giving him the insulin shots so at first it was a bit tricky. Glad that you are able to help him out this way.

  2. The family that shoots up together... ;)


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