Wednesday, January 23, 2013

26 weeks

I wrote this 2 weeks ago and forgot to post it, so I will be doing a double post today.

Due date:  According to my ovulation day my due date is April 16, 2013.

How far along?: 26 weeks

Total weight loss/gain: The day before the IUI I was 206. As of Tuesday morning I was 227. In the last 4 weeks I have gained 12 lbs and a total so far of 21 lbs. Even though I am still in normal range for weight gain for a twin pregnancy and Dr Monty hasn't said anything to me about my weight, seeing it come on fast like that is kinda crazy and a little difficult. I know I'm eating healthy and my babies are growing well so that's all that really matters.

What's going on with the babies?: As far as we know the babies are doing well. The results of the big anatomy scan came back good. Squirt seems to be a week bigger than Roo and the perinatologist hasn't said anything about being worried even though I think the gap is getting bigger. The last time we were there the tech was silent. Placentas and umbilical cords have good flow. I'm trying not to worry, but we haven't actually met the peri yet, just U/s techs each time we go. We hear results secondhand 2 weeks later from Dr Monty. I know they are keeping a good eye on them, but we have been there every 2 weeks since 12 weeks and still haven't met the peri. We are getting more U/s than most and I feel like we have less info. I will be talking to Dr Monty about it when I see him Tuesday. I just want to hear directly from the peri that everything is fine.

What's going on with my body?: I have really slowed down now. I can still do what I used to, but everything takes a little longer. The babies have moved up a lot and I can definitely feel more pressure on my stomach and lungs. I find myself taking more deep breaths throughout the day. Heartburn is basically gone during the day, but has come on full force at night. Squirt and Roo seem to slide up into my ribs when I lay down and put lots of pressure on my stomach which usually ends up waking me up with stomach acid almost in my mouth. I usually have to get up, eat crackers, water and tums to get rid of the burn and end up coughing a while from the feeling in my throat. I don't have any real swelling in my legs, feet and hands, but by the end of the day my legs do feel a little tight.

What does the belly look like?: The belly is now large and in charge! Stretch marks are here in full force. They are only on my belly so far. A few inches to the sides of my belly button and they run up and down. I know they look and feel so much better than they would if I wasn't massaging coco butter on them every day. Even though they are getting larger, they are staying light in color and aren't painful or itch at all. I remember how horrible they can feel from past ones I have had. Coco butter is amazing! I still have an innie belly button, but it's definitely getting more shallow. I wonder if it will ever get to the point of being flat or out.

Maternity clothes: I finally bought some real maternity shirts. A bunch of basic v neck, long sleeve, cotton/spandex ones and a really pretty blouse with birds on it that I wore for Christmas. Everything was on sale and I got some bump bucks that I will be using this week to get another pair of jeans and underwear. I have finally gotten to the point where my undies aren't working anymore. I have been looking at dresses too. Part of me wants to get one. I want to dress up for a change and really feel pretty. We will see.

Movement: They are moving so much now! Kicking and flipping all over the place. We can totally see and feel it from the outside! I can feel them getting stronger and I can't wait till I can see body parts dragging across my belly. I don't think it will be long.

Sleep: Hubby and I splurged and got a king size bob o pedic. We used to have a very old queen mattress and the Hubby was basically using my belly as an arm rest at night. It is absolutely amazing! We have so much room and the mattress cradles my body so well I don't need any pillows! I just put one between my legs so my hips don't hurt. Every once in a while I still cuddle up with my snoogle though.

Cravings/aversions: I wrote a while ago about my love/hate relationship with bananas. Since being pregnant the relationship has been one of hate. Just the thought of them made me sick. All of a sudden last week I had a craving for one. I was a little hesitant because the texture usually makes me gag. I finally gave in and at one and now I can't get enough of them! That is so crazy to me! I have also been craving anything strawberry.

Sex of the babies: We will not be finding out the sexes till they come out! My family sometimes says they don't believe us that we don't know. They think we found out and just aren't telling them. I promise, we have no idea. No Dr or tech has even checked yet. No one knows! I know Dr Monty will be checking at some point before we deliver just so he knows who is coming, but he won't be telling anyone.

Names: We have a list of about 10 names of each. We are slowly narrowing it down to 3 or 4 of each. My family have started to make suggestions on names. Some have actually guessed some on the list, but we are keeping them a secret till we name them.

What I miss: I am back to really missing sex. It's been 13 weeks.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery ready. I am starting to get into nesting mode. I have so many ideas for sewing projects. I think I might make my own crib skirts and curtains. I just need the Hubby to set up my sewing machine again.

Mood and emotions: Since passing 24 and 25 weeks I have been feeling really good. Relaxed and calm. I have been feeling kinda emotional and overwhelmed at the thought of my family throwing me a shower. Working on a post about it.

Milestones: I'm past viability and getting close to the third trimester!

Medical concerns: Kinda worried about Roo being smaller, but we will talk to our Drs soon.

Sex?: Nope, and I am really missing it again. I did finally get the nerve to ask Dr Monty if we could. He told me not yet, but he will let us know when. He just wants to wait a little longer. Maybe in the third tri? We will see. I have a feeling by the time we are allowed to I will be too big and uncomfortable.

Best moment of the week: Getting our new bigger bed and we splurged on new couches. Everything was very old and falling apart.

Hows Daddy?: He is doing great! I can tell he is getting really excited about the babies. He can really feel and see them move now and loves to have his hands on my belly. I think he might be starting to nest too. He is making it a priority to finish all the little things around the house that have been sitting for a long time.

Some funny/cute things Hubby has said (at least I think they are): He has been coming home and telling me about conversations he is having with his coworkers about the babies. It is so cute to hear how excited he is and all the funny things they talk about. Interesting name choices, usually coworkers suggesting their own names and all the funny and gross things that come with pregnancy.

Nursery: We finished registering, but other than cribs and a dresser we didn't put anything on for the nursery to decorate. I have had a bunch of ideas of sewing some things. We will see what happens over the next couple weeks. Maybe I can get my ideas into action.

Blankets to keep: I think I have finally decided on what blankets to make Squirt and Roo. Going out this weekend to get the yarn and get started. I also will be getting yarn to make a blanket for my cousin D who is about 4 weeks behind me and having a girl. It only took me a day to figure out what to make her. Took me 20 weeks to figure out what to make for our babies. Sheesh!

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