Friday, October 5, 2012

12 weeks

So, I am late again with this post. What else is new? LOL! I wrote it on Tuesday the 2nd. I decided to join NaBloPoMo this month and I am going to get back into writing. I do love it and miss it, I just think I am getting a bit lazy about it. I want to get back to it so I plan on posting every day this month. If I don't have a post for a day I will be using the NaBloPoMo prompts.

Due date:  According to my ovulation day my due date is April 16, 2013.

How far along?: 12 weeks

Total weight loss/gain: The day before the IUI I was 206. This morning I was 204.6. I gained a bit back. Probably because I sat home on my butt most of this week. It was so nice.

What's going on with the babies?: Roo and Squirt should be about 2 inches (5cm) from head to tushy.

What's going on with my body?: Most of this week my hips and thighs have been really sore especially when I get up in the morning. I think it was mostly from sitting home most of the week. Overall I feel great. Having lots of pulling and pinching. I think these babies are having a growth spurt! I have been having hot flashes in the shower. I tried turning it as cold as I could stand, but they still happen.

What does the belly look like?: The crease at my belly button is definitely getting more shallow! Almost flat!

Maternity clothes: My jeans still fit great when standing, but are getting a little too tight sitting down. It may be time.

Movement: They are moving a lot, but I can't feel them yet!

Sleep: I have been waking up a lot to change positions because my hips are hurting and my top leg falls asleep. That's new. I hope its a short term thing.

Cravings/aversions: Definitely getting hungry more often now. No real cravings. Just the thought of cake or cookies still grosses me out.

Sex of the babies: I think we will wait till they are born to find out.

Names: We finally started a list. So far it's only 2 names, but we will add more. I still need to get my name book back from my cousin K.

What I miss: Can't think of anything I miss!

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to seeing Roo and Squirt on Monday! We will see them at Dr Monty and then we have the NT scan and cervical check at a perinatologist. Twice in one day! I have a feeling they have grown a whole bunch!

Mood: I felt an overwhelming feeling this week of how blessed I am. It brought me to tears a few times.

Milestones: We reached 12 weeks!!! Dr Monty said he considers this basically the end of the first trimester! I was told I can now go to the dentist and go for a prenatal massage! I have one booked!

Medical concerns: Sinus infection and yeast infection are gone YAY!

Sex?: Since I'm finally over everything, it's time to have some fun!

Best moment of the week: Telling my whole family that I am finally pregnant!!! I will post about it soon.

Hows Daddy?: Daddy is finally feeling better! I think he is really connecting with the babies now. Every morning when he leaves for work he gives me a kiss and then gives my belly a kiss and tells them he will see them later. At night he does the same thing. He kisses and tells all 3 of us goodnight. His hand is on my belly more often too throughout the day.

Some funny/cute things Hubby has said (at least I think they are): A few times this week he asked if the babies could come out and play yet. When I tell them they can't he gives me a funny looking pout and says he wants to hold them and play with them.

Nursery: The nursery looks the same as the last picture and probably will for a while. I just have to keep it clean and junk free!


  1. I love this! It makes me want to make you a blanket.

    Two of the!

    1. I'm trying to figure out what to make for them! I have made so many, but never really thought about myself.

  2. Aw, you truly are blessed. So happy for you. :)

  3. Wow ... nablopomo! Go, you! I thought about it ... I need me a good swift kick sometimes.

  4. That's a huge milestone: congrats!! We started to tell people at week 13. That was fun :)

    1. Thanks Jjiraffe! Yea, It really does feel like a huge milestone.

  5. Congrats on making it to 12 weeks!!!! Whoo-hoo!!

  6. The 12 week scan was one of my favorites (ok, they are all my favorite)! The babies are still small enough that you can see all of them in one screen and they look like little humans! Can't wait to see pictures of your babies!

  7. Looking forward to seeing what NaBloPoMo brings. This post makes me happy.

    1. Thank you Em! I'm looking forward to it too! Excited!

  8. Can you believe how fast time is going by!!!! It will be Christmas before we know it and we will both be more than 20 weeks!!!

    1. I know, right! I keep thinking about family coming for Thanksgiving and I actually first thought I wouldn't be showing at all by then. I will be 19 weeks! LOL!


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