Tuesday, October 9, 2012

13 weeks

Due date:  According to my ovulation day my due date is April 16, 2013.

How far along?: 13 weeks

Total weight loss/gain: The day before the IUI I was 206. This morning I was 203.6. Looks like I'm down a pound from last week, but that is ok. The babies are growing right on track! I wonder if I will gain much since I was overweight to start with. Still trying to stuff my face as much as possible!

What's going on with the babies?: Yesterday we had the 13 week visit at my OBGYN and then the NT scan at the perinatologist. Both visits went great! Poor ol' wandy was left lonely at both offices and the abdominal transducer was used for the first time! I am so used to ol' wandy that this was an entirely new experience to get used to. I'm not used to the pushing on my belly yet. It doesn't hurt, but it feels strange. We saw them at my OB, but his machine is old and the pictures aren't clear. We also heard their heartbeats with a small hand held doppler for the first time! It took him a little while to find them, but when he did it was so wonderful to hear. We haven't heard them since 8 weeks! The images we saw at the perinatologist were amazing! They have an awesome machine there and the office is beautiful! The tech was so friendly and funny. She was so excited for us!

It is amazing how much they have grown it the last 2 weeks! They look like little people now! They have profiles! We saw their little noses and lips! Their legs and feet were so clear and kicking around so much! As of right now their profiles almost look the same and they are facing the same way on the U/s, so the only difference I saw was Roo had his/her legs up and tight to his/her chest and Roo was laying pretty straight. Roo measured 12w3d and Squirt measured 13w. We now know their positions. Originally Roo was baby a the first sac and heartbeat we saw. Apparently Squirt is now baby a since s/he is lower. As of yesterday Squirt is butt down sitting in my pelvis more to my right and the placenta is lateral right. Roo is higher on my left and laying with his/her head to my left and probably kicking Squirt in the head LOL! Roo's placenta is anterior to the left. The tech said we will probably have our hands full with Squirt since s/he was so active.

Both of their NT measurements looked good according to the tech. I kinda remember what she said, but I m not going to look it up. It really doesn't matter what the numbers are. I'm only doing all the testing because the Hubby likes all the technology and since it's twins we want Dr Monty to have as much info possible to make the best decisions he can at the birth to make sure they are safe. My cervix is long and closed YAY!!! She measured by abdominal U/s. When I go back in 4 weeks they will measure with ol' wandy. I think they said after I come back in 4 weeks I will be going every 2 weeks and alternate cervix check and growth check. I will still be going to Dr Monty every 2 weeks.

New pictures on the Roo and Squirt page!

What's going on with my body?: I guess the tech was pushing pretty hard since she had to get through my chubby belly LOL. I actually woke up with a bruise on my lower belly this morning. Not surprised since I bruise easily. Kinda glad I have 2 weeks to heal a bit before the next U/s. I hope my belly gets used to it. My boobs have been pretty sore this week. Maybe a surge in hormones? I also went back to feeling kinda gross at night again. I just have to keep eating and it goes away. I used to take my vitamins with dinner, but since feeling gross I gag on them and threw up my dinner once. Now I just take them some time during the day whenever I feel great. I have been feeling a lot of pulling this week! Lots of tugging behind my belly button. Now I know it definitely was because they were growing fast! I woke up 2 mornings with lots of brown mucous and yesterday morning with pink streaked with red. I told my Dr, but I wasn't too worried. I had no cramps and it went away in an hour. I have no idea what the 2 days of brown was, but I have a feeling the pink/red was cervix irritation again. I guess my body doesn't like sex right now.

What does the belly look like?: The crease at my belly button is definitely getting more shallow. I can feel it when I put my hand over it and my jeans are getting tight right at that area. I'm not sure if I really look any bigger. My Mom and aunts don't see it yet and I can't really see it unless I'm naked.

Maternity clothes: Well, I think I have reached the point of no return. My jeans are pretty comfy when I'm standing, but over the past couple days I have to unbutton them when I sit. We went for hibachi on Sunday night and in the middle of dinner I had to not only unbutton, but unzip too! Thank goodness I was wearing a long loose shirt. I will be getting maternity pants this week!

Movement: I felt a little movement last night and the night before. To me it feels like a little muscle spasm or twitch deep in my pelvis. It feels so cool! I can't wait to feel more!

Sleep: I'm not waking up to change positions much anymore. I think I have been while sleeping. I still wake up sometimes with hip and thigh pain, but my body might be getting used to it. I haven't been waking up much to pee in the middle of the night. Some nights not at all. I try to stop drinking so much 2 hours before bed and it works. It feels great to sleep straight through.

Cravings/aversions: I have had a big craving for chocolate milk this week. I mix up a big glass of ovaltine and it is soooo good. I try to limit one glass a day, but sometimes the craving is too strong. I also was craving hibachi this week. I told the Hubby we had to go! I stuffed my face that night. It was sooo good! Still can't handle baked goods. That aversion better be gone by Thanksgiving because I want to be able to enjoy some pumpkin pie!

Sex of the babies: I thought we had made the decision that we are not going to find out. I didn't want to and the Hubby did, but is fine and excited about waiting. That was the decision until this week. I started to have second thoughts. The only thing tripping me up? I want to make a special blanket for each of them. I know I can even if we don't know the sexes and I have no problem making a more "feminine" blanket for a boy or vise versa, but right now I feel it will be more special if I knew. I have post coming together on that to explain more.

Names: We have a bunch more names on the list now. We just wrote down ones that struck us. As soon as I get my book back from my cousin we can go through, find some more and then narrow it down.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly. I didn't realize how much I missed it till I got to lay face down on a special maternity massage table when I got a massage this week. It felt great!

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to feeling lots more movement!

Mood: Overall I have been feeling great. A little emotional over a few things, but great!

Milestones: I am either at the end of my first trimester or the beginning of my second. Either way it's a bit deal!

Medical concerns: Just the brown and pink spotting, but I don't think there is anything to be concerned about.

Sex?: It's great, but I don't think my cervix likes it right now. I kinda feel sore all over after too. I guess we gotta try some new ways and see what works better.

Best moment of the week: I had 2 awesome moments. I went for my first prenatal massage. It was amazing. I was able to lay face down on an awesome maternity table that the middle drops out with mesh to cradle my boobs and belly. The massage was amazing. I needed it. So relaxing!

The second was yesterday at the perinatologist. Seeing our babies again so clear and getting a first glimpse of what they look like.

Hows Daddy?: Daddy is doing great! He was so engrossed watching the U/s at the perinatologist. I felt like he was a part of it. He kept making comments and asking questions. I could feel how he connected with our children. He has been rubbing my belly and kissing them goodnight.

Some funny/cute things Hubby has said (at least I think they are): The Hubby's new thing is asking me to tell the babies things. He knows they can't hear him yet, but apparently I am telepathically connected to them and they can hear me! LOL! I thought that was kinda cute and an interesting thing to think about.

Nursery: Still clean! I am doing a great job keeping up with the house. Keeping it organized and clean. may not be a big deal for some, but it's a big thing for me!


  1. Cheers to the second trimester! Belly pic soon???

  2. Yeah, what about a new belly picture? So glad you are now in the second trimester. It is so cool to look at the baby pictures and make out facial details!

    1. Wow! Didn't know my belly was in high demand LOL! I will put one up soon. Yea, it was amazing to see their profiles for the first time! Thank you Rebecca!

  3. Love love love this! Happy second trimester!!!

  4. Sounds like things are going really well for you! I always loved reading your blog, but I love it even more now that I finally received a positive beta. It gives me a heads up for what to expect. :D

    1. Thank you sams! You are so sweet. I am so excited for you!

  5. Welcome to the second trimester!

  6. yay!! so happy for you!! i wish we got an NT scan (insurance doesn't cover it and it'd be $1000 bucks! i can't believe you're not in maternity pants yet - i have been for weeks and i only have one in there! hahaha yay roo and squirt!!

    1. Yea not much longer! Can't bend in my pants without being uncomfortable now.

  7. Don't find out!!! DH REALLY wanted to find out but I didn't. On the day of delivery, he finally admitted to me that he was glad we didn't find out. Having him tell me the sex was pretty much the coolest thing ever!


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