Tuesday, October 23, 2012

15 weeks

Due date:  According to my ovulation day my due date is April 16, 2013.

How far along?: 15 weeks

Total weight loss/gain: The day before the IUI I was 206. This morning I was 203.6. Either my scale is broken or I am staying completely the same! I hope these babies are getting enough nutrition. Trying to stuff my face with healthy stuff all day.

What's going on with the babies?: As far as I know Roo and Squirt are kicked back and relaxing in there. Busy growing. From head to tushy they should be about 2.9 inches (7.4cm). According to my book, they can now sense light and their inner ear bones have formed enough that they can pick up sounds! This makes me so happy! I am going to be talking to them a lot more now!

What's going on with my body?: I have had no bleeding for over a week! I hope it stays that way! My sense of smell has kicked into uber high gear and random smells are now making me gag. I think they may be going through a growth spurt because for a few days I was exhausted no matter how much I slept.

What does the belly look like?: I could tell it was getting bigger just by my regular jeans being uncomfortable now, but it didn't really hit me till this week. I was doing a little *ahem* landscaping and I realized I couldn't bend or *ahem* see as much as I used to. Sorry if that's TMI. I will put up a new belly pic tomorrow when the Hubby can take a pic of me.

Maternity clothes: This was the first week of wearing maternity pants all the time. They are comfortable, but I think it will take a little while for me to really get used to them. Maybe when they form to my body better and definitely when I get bigger. Still wearing my regular tshirts. I always wore them bigger so it will be a while till they are too tight.

Movement: Every once in a while I think I feel something and then I doubt myself. I know for a fact I felt one of them on Sunday. It was so different, I think one of them may have flipped. The feeling surprised me so much, I did one of those inhale gasps in the middle of church. Thank goodness it was quiet!

Sleep: I have been sleeping great! Still love my snoogle pillow!

Cravings/aversions: I think my sweets aversion might be almost over! The thought of a cupcake sounded great this week so I tried a mini one. It was still a little too sweet for me, but I got it down without feeling gross after!

Sex of the babies: We will not be finding out the sexes till they come out! I decided to add a poll to the side so everyone can guess who we have in there. I always found guessing fun!

Names: We have a good list going and I am having a blast looking up names for our children! We won't be naming them till we see them so we will be keeping the names a secret.

What I miss: I miss my family and friends right now. Everyone is either far away or busy with their kids, so I have felt kinda alone this week.

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to seeing our little ones again on Thursday and hopefully really feeling them soon.

Mood and emotions: I have had a little bit of a rough week. I kinda feel like I am in limbo. I don't really feel or look pregnant and I can't really feel them yet. I bought a cute little outfit this week and it felt like I was buying it for someone else. This is the first time I have felt like this and I don't like it. I have felt such a connection to these babies from the beginning so I don't know what happened. I also got really emotional about feeling alone. When my friends and cousins were pregnant I got together with them a lot. I went above and beyond helping them with things they needed especially when they were on bed rest or felt overwhelmed with getting things organized to make room for their babies. Now that I am pregnant everyone is busy or moved away. I understand people have lives and it is difficult with kids, but I feel like I am invisible or something. I try to make plans to just hang out, totally willing to go to them, but I get no response or I'm busy.

Milestones: I can't think of any milestones I have hit.

Medical concerns: Nothing right now and I hope it says that way!

Sex?: Nope. I'm still on modified bed rest.

Best moment of the week: I love finding out that a fellow blogger is pregnant!!!

Hows Daddy?: Daddy is great! I think he is really looking forward to seeing Squirt and Roo again and I know he can't wait to feel them. He really wants them to move for me and tells them to often.

Some funny/cute things Hubby has said (at least I think they are): When the Hubby and I are alone at home we let lose and by that I mean gas. As my Nana always said "you can't hold what you don't have in your hand!" Why hold it in and be uncomfortable? Anyway, any time the Hubby lets one rip he tries to blame it on the babies and it makes me laugh!

Nursery: I am getting excited thinking about ideas for the nursery.


  1. Ah! 15 weeks! Movement! So exciting!
    I'm glad you're loving the Snoogle. Mine is still a lifesaver at nearly 23 weeks. I have a feeling I'll be dependent on it for the full 40. ;)
    I look forward to seeing an update after your u/s. I wish I could be there to keep you company while you're on bedrest.

  2. Our little girl has THE WORST gas. I mean, atomic, clear the room types of farts. Just awful. And they sound like adult fsrts. So whoever is holding her gets looks when she farts. It was the baby! I swear!! Hahahaha

    Yay 15 weeks! I started feeling weird flutters around that time, too!

  3. 15 weeks!! EPPPPPPEEEEPP!!! So happy for you!!!

  4. Let your friends and family know now that after 24 weeks they will not be seeing much of you so to get their plans with you scheduled now! My MFM team made me start evening bed rest at that point so I was limited to making plans on the weekends. I'm glad I set that expectation because by then I was so ready to lie down after work every day! And I truly believe it helped me get this far! (eve of 37 wks!)

  5. So glad to read that everything is going well. Yay to no more bleeding!

  6. SO glad the bleeding stopped! I totally understand about not feeling connected - I feel like this is an inbetween time where a lot of the symptoms go away but it's not like we have super cute bellies and moving babies to feel. I tried to explain to my husband how I don't necessarily feel pregnant anymore and he didn't get it (although I do feel nauseous right now haha) Hopefully in a few weeks that will all change!!

  7. You probably won't start gaining much for weight until the third trimester. Happens to a lot of us that start out rather "chubby" to begin with.

  8. Popping over from ICLW although I think I have visited here before! ;) We have due dates that are just 4 days apart! I am due on the 12th! I am also now in maternity clothes almost exclusively except for some of my stretchier clothes. I loooove maternity pants. How comfortable are they? Congrats on getting to 15 weeks! Glad your pregnancy seems to be going so well and no bleeding is a great sign!!

  9. Exciting update! and such cute nicknames you gave the babes. I hope you may get off bedrest very soon and fully enjoy this journey. Oh, and congrats on all your surprise pumpkins;)
    Happy ICLW #51

  10. I'm 29 weeks with twins...I didn't feel anything until 16 weeks and it was just flutters...I didn't really start feeling real movement until 22 weeks and even then it was sporadic. Around 25/26 weeks I started to feel movement almost constantly. All I can remember about the time between 16 weeks and 25 weeks is worrying about feeling movement because it seemed like everyone else that was pregnant (with singletons) were feeling more movement than I was...so all that to say just give it some time...the movements will get stronger and increase.

  11. How awesome that you are feeling them move a bit. That must be the most amazing feeling. Glad everything is going well and the bleeding has stopped.

  12. Ooh fun! I love the idea of a poll. I'm definitely going to participate but I think I'll wait until you are a little farther along so I have time to think about my guess. :)

  13. Very exciting. Congratulations.

    An ICLW Visit from #2
    liddy @ the unfair struggle (mfi, speedskating, life)

  14. Hi from ICLW! Congrats on your pregnancy :)

  15. I spent my entire pregnancy pulling up my maternity jeans. I'm not sure if I bought the wrong size or if elastic is just tragically saggy. Sounds like things are going well despite the modified bed rest!

  16. Sorry to hear you're missing your family and friends. I completely know that feeling. Right now I'm on the search to find other baby-mommas that I can chat with and hopefully become friends (or at least acquaintances).

    I also remember the feeling of being pregnant but not yet really showing. It'll pass soon, esp with twins. :)

    Now you've got me wanting cupcakes. I think I'll have to try and make some tonight or tomorrow.

  17. Yay no bleeding! That bed rest is doing the trick. I'm sorry you're feeling alone. You know you have my number any time you need it.

  18. Congratulations on your pregnancy and a belated happy blogoversary!

    ICLW #74 Dragondreamer's Lair


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