Saturday, October 20, 2012

my flower bed has a green thumb of it's own

A few months ago while I was weeding our flower bed, I came across a seedling that didn't look much like a weed. Now, I haven't planted anything. We had gotten bushes removed and had a landscaper put down mulch and plant some boxwoods, hastas, hydrangeas and other things I can't remember the names of. We also saved the azalea bush that was being squished by bushes. Other than that I haven't done any planting. The leaves on this seedling were different and familiar so I decided to leave it and see what happened.

Well, it took off! This thing grew like a weed! As it got bigger I could see the leaves and flowers looked like a squash or zucchini plant. I got excited that we might be getting free veggies! It looked like a bush about 3 feet tall and started to take over the flower bed with it's giant leaves that were bigger than both my hands combined! Soon it was covering a hasta, boxwood bush and making its way onto our lawn.

When the little baby veggies started growing they totally looked like zucchini, but as they grew they didn't lengthen. They stayed small and squat and just got rounder.

Maybe pumpkins?

YUP! After a long time of having small, round, green zucchini looking things, the leaves started to dry out and the little pumpkins turned orange!

Check em out! Please pardon all the weeds.

Can you count them all? Watch out, some are trying to hide!

There are 12!!! We have 12 cute little pumpkins and I didn't plant them. We are thinking some animal brought the seeds into our yard or maybe there were some mixed in the mulch that was brought in.

Even my MIL's doglet, Yoda is admiring them.

The leaves and vines have basically dried out and the pumpkins are almost completely orange, so I think it may be time to pick them and put them on our front stairs. They are too tiny to carve so we will be picking big pumpkins soon. We usually each get one to carve. Maybe I will carve one for Roo and Squirt too!


  1. I agree. very awesome. I think we are going to plant pumpkins next year. :)

  2. How cool! I love accidental gardening. And pumpkins are fantastic! Ian said he wants one. :)

  3. Cool!

    Just be careful - I hear pumpkins are VERY hard to extricate from gardens!

  4. Awesome pumpkins!!!! They look so great!

    MiL grows pumpkins and hers were a bust this year. That's where we get our pumpkins, so I was pretty bummed.

  5. Hi from ICLW. You know I follow you. Love the pumpkins. I grew some last year but not this year.

  6. Hi from ICLW! Congrats on your pregnancy! So exciting. Love your little pumpkins. We planted two pumpkin plants this year and got ZERO pumpkins! I'll try again next year!

  7. What fun! That's a great idea to carve pumpkins for Roo and Squirt.

  8. What a fun surprise! I wish we had mystery pumpkins instead of all our mystery weeds :)


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