Sunday, October 7, 2012

spilling the beans

Well, everyone knows now!

At around 9 weeks we decided to tell our parents. We bought 3 little brag books to put all the U/s photos in. For mine and Hubby's Mom we got this one and for Hubby's Dad and step Mom we got this one. When I saw the one for our Moms with the 2 giraffes on them I had to get them. So perfect for twins and I love giraffes. I scanned all the U/s photos into the computer and added some words and little arrows to show them what they were looking at.

My FIL and step MIL got their book first. We had mailed it to them in Florida and I wrote on the box that they couldn't open it till they called us. So when they called us we told them to open it. I was shaking so bad from both nerves and excitement! When they saw the baby book they knew and were so excited and congratulated us. We had to tell them to open the book because we put pictures in it. It was pretty quiet as they flipped through. 5 weeks amniotic sac seen, 6 weeks heartbeat seen. Then they got to the second 6 week pic of the 2 sacs. I wrote on the bottom 6 weeks second sac seen, maybe twins???

We knew when they got to that point. Step MIL screamed and was repeating over and over "OMG is it twins?" She must have said it a dozen times before we could get a word in LOL! We just told her to turn the page to find out. 7 weeks 2 heartbeats seen! It's twins! They were so excited and happy for us. FIL is always quiet on the phone, but when he did talk I could tell he was smiling ear to ear and couldn't contain the joy. This made me feel so good. It was a really nice experience telling him since he is now Dad to me.

The next day we went over to my Moms and MIL. When my Mom opened the book she asked me, "Is this for now or when it happens?" When I told her it was for now she started to cry and gave Hubby and I a big hug. I had to tell her also to open the book. When she got to the 6 week pic of the 2 sacs and read the caption she looked up at us with a pig smile and asked if it was twins. We told her to keep flipping. When she saw it was she cried more and squished me with a really tight hug.

Even though we have not had a good relationship, when it came to talking about our treatments and IF she always surprised me and was exactly what I needed at the moment. This time was no different. She kept saying how she never gave up hope and knew it would happen for us. She knew how long we had been trying and was so happy that we were blessed with 2. Hubby joked around with her saying we are catching up on lost time having 2. She said so many perfect and sweet things and I will always remember them.

After my Mom we went to my MIL. I had texted her and asked if she was home and if we could stop by. She told us she was home, but her friend A was over. A is her best friend. So we told her to let us know when A leaves. A left not to long after, but not without them talking about why we were dropping by. A said she bet I was pregnant and told MIL to call her to tell her why we stopped by. So, when we got there we gave her the book. She instantly burst into tears. My MIL has been waiting for Grandchildren. All her friends have them and she was going baby crazy! We has to tell her to open it. She studied each picture and cried some more. Then, she got to the 2 sac pic. She looked up at us and cried some more asking if it's twins. We told her to keep flipping. With each page brought more tears. She got up ad gave us hugs and told us how happy she was. She must have looked through the book a million times while we were there. Flipping through just amazed at the pics.

At about 10 weeks we finally got to get out to visit Hubby's brother and his girlfriend and see their new house. It was his brother's birthday in a few days so we got him a cake and wrote on it "Happy Birthday Uncle C" When we got there we toured the house and went out to lunch. my MIL was so excited for us to tell them she was bugging me a bit asking when. When we came back to the house we had him open the cake so he could cut it. When he opened it he looked at us and back at the cake a few times. Then asked us "Is there something you 2 need to tell us?" I told him to read the cake aloud. When he did his girlfriend M jumped up and asked if I am pregnant. Hubby and I said yes. They both said "OMG really?" a few times and gave us big hugs. Then we showed them the book. M was flipping through reading the captions and when she got to the double sac she screamed, showed C and asked if it was twins. When we said yes M burst into tears and hugged me so tight and wouldn't let go. She said things like "what a blessing!" and "2 is so awesome!" It was such a great day!

At our 11 week U/s we saw Roo and Squirt wiggle around for the first time. The day after I was so excited and wanted to tell everyone soon. The Hubby has a small family and the extended family he does have aren't close, so really the only people left to tell was my big family.

My cousin K texted me and asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch like we sometimes do. I told her I would pick her up and then immediately texted the Hubby. I told him I couldn't wait anymore and wanted to tell my cousins K and T first. He told me to go ahead and he has been ready for a while. So, when I picked up my very pregnant cousin K I told her right away. She was so extremely happy and excited for us she was bouncing around in the car. Throughout lunch she kept saying how happy and excited she is for us. I called cousin T and she was extremely excited for us too.

That night I was on the phone for about 5 hours straight calling my family. I have a big family and we are all close. Most of my aunts were crying when we told them because they knew about our long journey. I was on the phone with each of them a long time. My family likes to talk LOL! Especially my Momma. I think I was on the phone with her for over an hour and other than answering a few questions, I don't think I talked much. She just went on and on about how happy she was, she couldn't believe it was twins and how we will be amazing parents.

My family said some amazing things to us when we told them. So much support and excitement. I will never forget it and can't wait to tell our children all about it.


  1. This post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! So so happy for you!!

  2. Wishing you all the best for an uncomplicated pregnancy.

  3. This post made me cry! I'm so happy for your growing family. <3

  4. What a sweet post. I was totally crying through the whole thing...and I'm not normally a cryer. :) Big, warm HUGS to you!

  5. Loved this :) brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy y'all have this amazing support system!

  6. Aww, this is so exciting! I love the brag book idea!

  7. What a beautiful, happy post - made me cry! Wonderful xx

  8. OK, I'm crying like... like... well, like a 34-week twin preggo over here!!! This post brought back so many great memories for me. I'm so thrilled you got to finally "make your memories" too. Keep all of those amazing twin comments from your family in the forefront of your mind, because they will come in handy when you start hearing the semi-negative twin comments from people who just don't "get it"! And p.s. the baby book idea was brilliant!!!

  9. Love the way you used the baby book to share the news, so cute!

  10. yaaaaay! so happy for you :-)

  11. Love the reactions you got. Those babies are so loved. :)

  12. Great stories on how you told your families and their reactions. So sweet!


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