Friday, July 20, 2012

cycle so far

I was so busy having a couple of wonderful breakthroughs, I almost forgot I wanted to do an update about the cycle I am in now. Medicated IUI #6.

Monday was the start with my CD3 U/S and bloodwork. Everything looked good so I started the follistim. This time they started me on 150UI instead of 75. My last 2 cycles they started me on 75 for 4 or 5 days and then increased to 125 or 150. Apparently it was the best thing because I am responding great!

I went in yesterday for CD6 check and everything seems to be going well. They said I had a bunch of growing follicles and my estrogen was rising perfectly. The Dr even commented that I have a perfect/textbook uterus. That made me giggle because I was told that 2 years ago by my OBGYN. I guess it's true. The only problem was of course my ovaries were hiding again. They always do so ol' wandy gets shoved up there so far and moved around so much I'm surprised they couldn't see my heart on the U/S machine! The Dr even wrote down in detail where she found each ovary so hopefully the next U/S is a little easier.

Well, I went back today and they must have moved again, because even with the detailed directions from yesterday they were hard to find. Do they make an ovary GPS? Maybe they should be captured, tagged with a tracker and then released back into the wilds of my pelvis? (been watching too many wild animal shows) With all the searching yesterday and today they really irritated my insides. I think the spotting is finally stopping.

Anyway, today I was told my estrogen is still rising perfectly. My lining is at 8mm and I have 2 - 13mm, 1 - 12mm, 2 or 3 - 11mm and a bunch of little ones. I continue with 150UI tonight and tomorrow and go back Sunday morning for another check. Come on follies grow!!!!!

On that note I need to go wrangle the Hubby off the computer so he can give me my shot. I like when he does it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Fantastic... great results :)) So glad to hear that it's all going well :) YAY for a textbook uterus... love the idea of ovarian GPS, I've would have needed that a few times too ! Grow follies grow !! Thinking of you and hope my package arrives in time :)) xoxo

  2. Come on follies!

    Love your tale of wandy! So true, I wondered if they weren't trying to exit out my belly button!

  3. hahaha! You are funny. I was always told that I'm "secretly fertile". LOL! I guess they were right!

  4. Grow grow grow!

    I lol'd like crazy at the image of ovaries being captured and tagged. That's too funny!

    I can't wait for the next update!

  5. Hooray for your stubbornly elusive, but fruitful ovaries! So happy to hear you're off to such a good start. :)

  6. Congrats on starting a new cycle! Always exciting. Sorry that your ovaries like to play hide and seek though! Hopefully they manage to do their jobs and produce some great eggs this cycle. Good luck!!

  7. Good luck on this cycle! Dear follies, please keep growing and make Emily (and the rest of us) very happy!

  8. yay! it's all sounding so positive. :-)

  9. Hee! Ovary GPS. I needed that...good luck on this cycle!

  10. Hah! My ovaries always needed a GPS too. They had to work hard to see them on u/s.


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