Monday, July 30, 2012

perfect moment monday: meeting bloggy friends

Lori says Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

Last week I was so lucky to meet 2 lovely bloggy ladies.

M was the first bloggy friend I have ever met. M, you should be honored to be my first! LOL! I had a fabulous time with her. We talked for a couple hours and then went on a little quest to find a place to eat. We ended up at a cute little sandwich/soup shop. The food was good and the conversation was great.

Then, we decided on a little friendly competition. Mini golf! It was fun and I still love you M even though you did kick my butt pretty badly hehehe.

We went back to her place and talked some more. I was honored to be able to meet her beautiful little babies Ryker, Tommy and MaryElizabeth and hear all about them. She showed me the beautiful presents she received and the amazing ways she is remembering and honoring them. I was so touched that she was comfortable showing me pictures of them and the bittersweet quiet moments of her and her Hubby holding their children. Their amazingly beautiful family photo made me smile and brought me to years at the same time.

I ended up staying a lot longer than I was planning. We basically talked for 7 hours straight. The day was filled with lots of great conversation, food, fun, laughter and tears. Thank you M for sharing so much of you with me.

I also was so lucky to meet up with Tracy. She is about 17? weeks pregnant with twins and I am so excited and happy for her. I think the socks I sent her helped ;). We met for lunch and had some great food and conversation.

Being able to talk to both of these women face to face was amazing. Even though we have been through such different things and are on completely different journeys they get it. Being able to say what is on my mind and things I've been through and know I don't have to explain or get stupid comparisons or comments in return is something I wish everyone in this community gets to experience at least once.

Those days were 2 of the best days I've had in a long time. Thank you so much ladies!


  1. :) It was great to meet you too, Emily! And I was happy to be your first, lol!

  2. Sounds like a great time! Glad you got to meet some bloggy friends and talk face to face. Sometimes you just can't say everything you need to say on a blog :)

  3. Man I love having conversations with friends when I can just say anything and know they understand and listen! So happy that you had such a great time!

  4. It's awesome to meet bloggy friends! I'm glad you had some good times. Ian and I will make it up there one day!

  5. Oh, I LOVE meeting bloggy friends! Sounds like you had a good time with M and Tracy. I understand the bitter + the sweet.

  6. Awesome! Wish I had me some bloggy friends around!

  7. Love this! I can't wait to meet you ... you're going to have quite the month, it sounds like!!

  8. Sounds like a definite great time was had on both meetings! It's been ages since I've done something like that and would love to do it again. :)

  9. Happy to read that you had a good time. One of these days I'll meet up with some bloggers too.

  10. Wonderful :)).... and happy belated birthday :) Sorry that I missed it.... thinking of you xoxo


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