Sunday, February 5, 2012

IUI #2

Just like last time we were at the hospital, sample in hand, at 6:30 am. We handed it off and went down to the cafeteria for some breakfast while it was washed. I was actually able to eat this time. I was a lot less nervous.

When we came back up we didn't even have time to sit down. We were called right in. I stripped down to my fuzzy socks and hopped on the table. A couple minutes later the Dr came in. It wasn't Dr G this time. It was the Dr who did a lot of my US for this and last IUI. I really like her! I think I like her better than Dr G. She seems happier all the time and is just a hopeful person.

She gave me the paper to sign and showed me the post wash count. It was the same as last time, lower than they would like. She saw my face, that I was a little disappointed. She looked at me, smiled and said "I know it is less than you would have liked, but it can still work!" She was upbeat through the whole thing. It was just as quick at the last one and I laid there for 10 min and we left.

I am kinda happy things were sped up and weren't "planned". It gave me no time to think. I am feeling good.

I did have a little pink on the toilet paper about an hour after which I didn't have the last time. Then like 6 hours after I had some old brown blood mixed with CM that was enough to get a little on my undies. I think it was just from them roughing up my cervix a bit I guess. I am not gonna worry about it. And like the last time I am not gonna be googling anything! Anyone have this after an IUI?

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Check back tomorrow. I will be doing a little 2WW giveaway!


  1. Good luck, hope your 2ww goes quickly!

  2. I've never done an IUI, but I get plenty of stuff like that after a trial transfer, or when my cervix has been messed with unduly.

    Tons of luck. :) I'll be here during your 2ww. Everything crossed!!!

  3. fingers crossed. blanket for emily please!

  4. Woohoo! That's great that it went quickly and didn't give you time to freak out. :) Good luck!!!

  5. Crossing my fingers for you!!!

  6. Yup I've had this after an IUI, like each time. My cervix is a bit sensitive and will bleed easily. Maybe its because of my endo too, but I don't know. Wish you the best of luck! Hope to hear you screaming about a BFP in two weeks.

  7. Glad IUI #2 is in place. Praying and hoping it works!!!

  8. Glad this one kind of snuck up on you! :) Hoping for good news!!

  9. Hoping this is it for you and two weeks flies by!


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