Monday, February 13, 2012

caught off guard, twice

First, I just got word that V had her baby about an hour ago. A healthy 8lbs 3oz. Mommy and baby are doing well.

This weekend was completely taken over by family. A bridal shower on Saturday and a big Birthday party on Sunday. I hate it when my family plans things like this and takes up our whole weekend. I love my family, but right now I can only take so much of them.

So Saturday I thought would be good. A bridal shower. No babies, no pregnant women. Yea, I was wrong. I was enjoying myself and all of a sudden my friend B and her Mom walk in the door. There she was with her 20 week belly. Right in my face. This was the first time seeing her since she told me she was pregnant by text at 16 weeks. I had completely forgot that her Mom and my Aunt (the bride's mother) are really good friends so obviously she would be there. Seeing bellies in pictures I am fine, I really enjoy them, but in person I have an instant internal panic attack. I can't look at it, I just have to get away. Of course she wanted to sit and chat since I hadn't seen her in a while. She could tell I was uncomfortable, but we chatted and caught up and she didn't bring up anything baby (thank you thank you) till I did. It took almost 2 hours, but I finally relaxed and had a nice time with her.

Then during dessert something happened that made me feel like I was going to throw up on the spot. First a little background. My Moma (grandma) is here visiting from Florida and her SIL, my great Tante (aunt) J from Vegas. The party on Sunday was for Moma's 80th. Anyway, Moma and Tante J are so close. They talk every day for hours and have since my grandparents got married 61 years ago. They tell each other about everything, but keep it between them. When I told my Moma about our IF I knew in the back of my head that she was going to tell Tante J and they would keep it a secret. Moma was pretty confused about all the IF stuff and doesn't know the difference between IUI, IVF and anything else. What I didn't know was Tante J was going to talk to me about it.

So during dessert. Tante J walks up to me and pretty loud says "So I hear you are doing IVF". My jaw dropped. I could feel all the blood drain from my face. I felt sick. I pulled it together enough to say "No we are not doing IVF" and "This is not something I am disguising with family". She said ok, but kept on talking. Telling me about her friend's daughter who did IVF. She told me how She thinks the science is amazing, but she is upset at how expensive everything is. She also told me that if "I wanted any info on IVF" she would be happy to tell me all about it. Because my 85 year old great aunt knows everything about IVF because her friend's daughter went through it!!!!! Are you kidding me?!! When she finally stopped talking I walked away and kinda hid the rest of the night.

When I got home I told the Hubby and he flipped out! He got so mad and was ranting about how my family are a bunch of idiots (which I totally agree sometimes) and I am going through enough and don't need this shit. He was about to call and yell at her, but I told him I would talk to her the next day at the next family party.

Sunday was Moma's 80th Birthday party and we were celebrating  a Tante's 50th and an Uncle's 60th. I got a moment alone with Tante J and told her how she caught me off guard and how that upset me. I told her how it is not something I want to talk about. If I want to I will bring it up. She apologized and told me the last thing she wanted to do was upset me. I of course cried a bit and it was all good. I am still a bit upset about it though. I am just really emotional right now.

Oh! Something funny to show you how emotional I am. Saturday morning the Hubby and I were watching American Restoration and one of the guys was adopting a dog. They were bringing dogs one at a time out to meet him to see who would be a good match. They brought out this one dog that ran right up to him and started licking his face and just loved him. I completely started to cry. The Hubby just looked at me like I was crazy and I started doing that strange laugh and cry at the same time. LOL! Glad I am ending this post on a funny note.

Tune in tomorrow for my second 2WW giveaway!


  1. Ah man, if we only could control what other people say. I hate when stuff like that situation happens to me especially from someone who has no idea. I felt the same way when people wold say, "IVF hardly works for anyone the first time." (Cue the punch in their face here) I just have to remind myself people only say these things to try to help not hurt. Hope you are feeling better and hubby treats you to a fab VDay!!!

  2. Ahh your Tante sounds hilarious and inappropriate but also hilarious. I'm glad she seemed to understand when you told her (the second time) that you didn't really want to discuss it.

    I hope your 2ww is going as well and as quickly as possible!

  3. There are times I wish I had a mute button that worked on family members.

  4. ugh. Sorry it was such an awful weekend!

  5. Ugh, I hate getting caught off guard like that!! We already have our guard up and we think we're covered. Until someone busts out with something like that and we nearly lose it!! So sorry girl!!

  6. Old people. I'm not sure what it is that makes older family members feel free to say whatever they want, but it's irksome. I'm glad you survived the weekend!


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