Wednesday, December 28, 2011

af, do i have to send you a written invitation?

I am currently on CD 30. I know my cycle is on average longer than this, but the past few months I have been either early or right around here. I have no signs she is on her way so I have a feeling this will be a long cycle and I have 2 big reasons for wanting her to show up now. #1, I and just so excited to start our first IUI cycle and #2, I had made plans months ago to be in NC from January 13th through the 16th for my cousins baby shower on the 14th. If AF doesn't show up by the 31st or even better the 30th then I will not be going cuz if my numbers are correct we will be doing the IUI then. I of course don't know for a fact what CD we will be doing the IUI, but I can guess.

If it turns out that I can't go then I have to tell a few family members that I was supposed to be driving with. My family knows our situation, but at this point they still think the Hubby is on medication or we are just doing testing. I did not want to tell anyone about moving on to an IUI! We are at a place where the questions have stopped and if anyone knew, especially my mother, we would be getting constant calls and questions digging for info and asking if I am pregnant or when do we find out. It would be nice to be able to surprise them if I do get pregnant.

So now since AF is gonna be her usual bitchy self and not come even when I am inviting and begging her to show up, I have to come up with an excuse. I want to let them know asap cuz it will change others driving/flying back plans (I am supposed to be driving back with an aunt while the rest fly). If I tell my family I am going for some "test" they probably won't ask questions, but I will have to tell my mom the same thing cuz if she finds anything out from anyone but me she will get pissed and she will be wanting to know everything about the "test". I am a bad liar. I would need to figure out a test, a reason and details. Or I could just tell her the truth and get bombarded with questions and calls even if I tell her I don't want to talk about it.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm gonna talk it over with my psyc tomorrow too.


  1. I always tell my mom I'm getting a procedure done, like an HSG or something. I'm not a particularly good liar either, but an egg retrieval or transfer IS a procedure...just not one she's thinking of. I don't want the responsibility of keeping my family informed of every step and whether or not it worked until I'm ready.

    Dear Aunt Flo,

    Your presence is humbly requested in this fine woman's uterus as soon as you are able to arrive. IUI to follow thereafter.

  2. I was also going to suggest a procedure such as an HSG. Those things are somewhat dependent on the cycle day, so it's feasible that it would mess with your travel plans. I also know some doctors who include day 10 bloodwork in their initial testing. So, a generic "testing" that has to be done in that time frame would hopefully be enough. 

    AF is so uncooperative, isn't she? It's almost never fails that she will come early or late just to spite us infertiles!

  3. Hmm, personally I wouldn't tell my mom the truth if she was going to drive me crazy.  And even if you got Prometrium or Provera it would take too long to work, so I guess that's out.  Chickenpig's idea to say procedure (which is true) and then bore her with details about HSGs or something might work?  Can you just tell her that something came up at home or work (I just realized I don't know if you work or what kind of work you do, so ignore me if that isn't an option)?  I'm really hoping AF decided to show up now and this is all for naught!  

  4. Ugh. I hate that! I always find it ironic when I wish for her to come...because I'm always secretly wishing that she won't (for nine months) :)

  5. Ginger tea and your fanciest pair of white undies with no backup pads/tampons in your purse. It never fails :-)

  6. Mo, I didn't know that about Ginger tea.  Funny they tout it for pregnant women who are nauseated.  I guess I'll be staying away from Ginger tea for the next IVF!

  7. My husband has induced AF with his male parts before. Hahaha.
    I'm 100% serious. It's happened the last few times we DTD.

    Maybe you should try :P

  8. I don't have any ideas...but Chickenpig's idea seems good.  

    You've given me the idea that I'll stop being like, "Mama! I ovulated" so that I can surprise her when I'm (GD willing) 12 weeks in and away from the scary time.  Good luck lady!

  9. Yea, I really would like it to be a surprise. Everyone else gets to surprise their parents why not us?

  10. Yea my Hubby does that to me too. He doesn't care, but I get so mortified if he sees even a little pink after.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your written invite. It really made me smile and I think that is what did it! Check out my new post!

  12. It's all for naught! Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I am unemployed so no work excuses. I don't think I will have to lie. Check out my new post!


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