Monday, December 5, 2011

hakuna matata: disney part 3

Day 4 we went to Animal Kingdom. I know I skipped day 3, that will be tomorrow.

By this point I was really chilaxed. Most of my worries about IF and our next steps were gone. I was and still am feeling very positive and excited about the future.
Hakuna Matata!

It was so hot and humid that day! We both were sweating so much we looked gross. We went on a few rides and got a little wet to cool off a bit. The only ride we didn't go on was the river rapids. The people coming off were completely drenched. As soon as we saw them we got off the line fast. LOL! We didn't want to be squishing in our sneakers around the rest of the park.

I absolutely loved the safari ride. My favorite animal is the giraffe and we got to see lots of them. They are such beautiful creatures.

We could almost touch this one when we drove up next to her.

At one point some rhinos were walking right up next to the truck.
Do you see the two head shadows on his belly? That's the Hubby and I!

That night we ate at an African inspired place called Jiko. The food was fantastic! Above our tables where these bird looking things.
The hostess said they represented Kanu Birds. A Kanu Bird is a mythical bird of promise. Its appearance over the African skies were a sign of prosperity and signaled the blessings of a bountiful harvest for all those who feel under its shadow. I thought that was a very nice touch.

One of the days we were hopping around we finally got to see Mickey and all his friends. I told the Hubby we couldn't leave Disney till we saw Mickey so we waited on line. Please pardon my appearance. It was another hot humid day. We were sweaty and my hair is flat and slicked back from my hat. I hate how it looks.
 See my shirt? It says "poke me" and had a pic of the Pillsbury dough boy. Mickey and his friends all had a blast poking me before we took the pics, especially Goofy. I kept trying to hug him and he kept stepping back and poking me LOL!

 At first Donald pulled me close to him and kept pushing the Hubby away out of the pic then he would turn to me and cuddle up hehehe.



  1. Hey I gave you an award, check out my blog!

  2. Vicariously living through your trip :-) I love all the pictures so far.

  3. Your trip looks so fun. I am a little jealous :) But so happy for you!!


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