Friday, December 2, 2011

disney giveaway!!


I was going to wait till after all my posts about our Disney trip, but I just can't wait! I'm gonna do it now!

While on our vacation the Hubby and I had uninterrupted time to be together. We talked through some issues we were having. Dreamed about our future with children. Reconnected mentally, emotionally and physically. We really strengthened our our relationship and found a new sense of hope and serenity in moving forward with our IUI. It is going to happen. We will get pregnant. How and when is in God's hands. To have Faith and Believe it will happen is something I need to remind myself daily. Hopefully my giveaway will help you keep hope.

And with that here are the giveaways. Yes, I say giveaways! Plural! I am giving away TWO sentiment bracelets from Disney World. They are stretch elastic bracelets with a sentiment etched on both sides of the ring charm and a dangling Mickey Mouse charm.

The first one is purple elastic with "Have Faith" on one side and "Expect MIRACLES" on the other.

The second is black elastic with "NOTHING is impossible" on one side and "IF you BELIEVE!" on the other.

I will be doing two drawings. One for each bracelet. I would like two different people to get them so you can only win once. First winner gets to choose which one they want and the second winner gets the bracelet that is left.

There are three ways to enter. Please post a new comment for each entry so I don't miss them.

1.     Post a comment below about how you remind yourself to stay hopeful, keep your faith or just believe. (1 entry)

2.     Follow my blog. (1 entry) If you already follow me just comment that you do.

3.     Post something about this giveaway on your blog. I would love to give lots of people a chance to win. (2 entries) Please comment once about the post you wrote and a second comment with the link to it so I can count your 2 entries.

Anyone can enter. I don't care where you live I will ship it to you. I will be drawing the winners on Monday, December 12th, 2011.



  1. Giveaways are so exciting! I need to get to making some jewelry and bookmarks so I can have one!

    What helps me to stay hopeful for the future is the past. I know that I have been through some terriffically hard times, but I'm still here, and it's always gotten better. It helps me believe that I will stay on that upward trend.

  2. (I've never played the giveaway game before...I like it!)

    I have a framed picture that said, "I do hard things". Whenever I look at it, it's a good reminder to pause and take inventory on my blessings and positive things in my life. For which I have many.

  3. I keep hope every morning that I will soon get pregnant. In that hope I try to eat right and exercise knowing that if I do good for my body I have a better chance at a healthy pregnancy when I do get pregnant.
    I already follow your blog.

    I did one better than blog about this giveaway. I tweeted it. I have more followers on facebook and twitter than I do in my blog.

  4. I posted on my blog here:

  5. I look at C and think of he has hope, I can. I also see miracles happen everyday, so why won't we also have one?

  6. How do I keep the faith??? Um...these blogs. The best way. :)

  7. I make a lot of wishes.

    And the reality is that I do allow myself to say that I'm giving up, and lie on the sofa staring at the wall, and believe that I'm not going to hope. And once I give myself the time to feel that, I then force myself out of it and back to trying.

  8. Whenever I see my children I am reminded of my hope for the future and my role in making this world a better place for my kids.

    Great giveaway!


  9. Beautiful! My positive focus comes largely from my yoga practice, and from people around me ... I find the more I care about and believe in others, the more I believe in myself, and have faith that anything is possible. :)

  10. To keep myself hopeful and as stress-free as possible, I have quote posted on my refrigerator:
    Slow Down
    Calm Down
    Don't worry
    Don't Hurry
    Trust the Process

    I saw it in a store and had the distinct feeling that it was speaking to me.

    Same goes for the bracelets...not necessarily intended for fertility, but they sure do seem like they are :)


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