Sunday, December 18, 2011

it's starting!!!!

We went back to Dr. G, our RE yesterday morning. It was a very quick appt. She looked over the Hubby's SA report and was shocked and so excited that he was now in "normal" ranges. She went over the plan, gave me my Rx and we were out of there!

So here is the plan!

I am currently on CD 19

Last night I started metformin HCL ER 750mg twice a day. Boy are they horse pills!

On CD 1 I call in and make an appt for CD 3 blood work. That will hopefully be right around the new year or a little after.

They ordered the clomid and ovidrel. When I come in for the CD3 blood work they will give me the clomid, I think 50mg that I will take for 5 days.

I don't know specifics yet on the rest of the plan. I know I will get lots more blood work and intimate time with the magic wand. Eventually I will get the trigger shot and will be turkey basted 1 or 2 times.  I will find out the schedule probably at my CD 3 blood work.

I still can't believe it is happening!

O and guess what happened to me yesterday?! They Hubby, my Mom and I were talking outside after my little brother's Christmas pageant. All of a sudden a bird pooped on my head!!! I got all excited, but kept it inside! I know some of you are like eeewwww why are you excited about a bird pooping on your head? Where I come from it is a sign of good luck! A sign of good luck a couple hours after we get our plan! My Mom commented how it was good luck as she cleaned it out of my hair. I just smiled and said I hope so. We have not told her that we are starting treatment. As far as she knows the Hubby is still on clomid and we are still waiting. As soon as we got in the car the Hubby commented how excited he was that I got pooped on LOL!

I am also so surprised how calm and relaxed I am. When I get excited about something I am usually all jittery inside from it. I'm not jittery or nervous at all. It is a nice change. Hopefully  I can keep myself this way.

So does anyone have any metformin experience? I read over the list of side effects. I have only taken 3 pills so far and all ready have a lot of gas. Anything special I should be doing to prepare for my cycle?


  1. I've never been so excited about someone getting pooped on! Way to see the positive in things. That will go far in this experience.

    As for the doctor had me build up slow so I didn't have the side effects. It seemed to really help with the gas and stomach aches. (started with one for a few days...then went to two...then went to three)

  2. That is exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! RE the Metformin, I have a friend who takes it for diabetes and she hasn't mentioned side effects, but I'll have to ask her. I also should check how different the dosage is.

  3. A bird pooped on my head the day of a big body scan of mine, to determine if I were cancer free or not.... I WAS! And I thanked that damn bird for shitting right on the top of my head :)

    Excited for youuuuuu!

  4. lol! I've never heard of that being good luck but this is awesome news! Bring on the bird poop! :)

  5. YAY!! Even about the bird poop, cause I get it.

    Metformin: I always titered up, starting at 500 once a day, and had to take it with a meal the first few weeks, but then I was okay with just a snack. If you do have any problems, try keeping track of food and symptoms, you can sometimes find a culprit that way.

    Super big good luck to you!!!

  6. Getting pooped on by a bird is TOTALLY good luck. That's awesome!!

    About the blogging before 2005: a couple of the big lists of the best bloggers of the year came out and almost no one on the list had started blogging after 2005. It made a lot of newbies there's a glass ceiling.

  7. Thanks! I am trying to stay positive. I think I will try 1 for a few days and then move to my 2 a day. Hopefully that will help with all the gas.

  8. That is awesome! Makes me even more excited!

  9. Yea I am making sure I take it with food. The one time I didn't it really messed up my stomach. I am going to try once a day then move to 2 in a couple days. Thanks!

  10. Oh ok. Lol! Well I don't care about that.

  11. I had snakes and you have bird poop - love it!  I totally believe in signs. :-)  Good luck with everything... will be thinking of you and cheering you on!

  12. I take all 4 of my Metformin at night, because it used to cause me the worst stomach pain.  Good luck with the bird poop! ;)

    Also: Metformin feels better (you know what I mean, like your body feels better) the less carbs you eat.  Just a note, as any bread and I'm in the bathroom!

  13. Unfortunately they want me to take it every 12 hours or so. I did ease my way into it and that helped a bit. Thanks for the carb heads up! I will test that out.


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