Thursday, December 29, 2011

aunt flo likes me, she really really likes me!

I am freaking out! (in a good way) Almost 12 hours after I begged and pleaded for Aunt Flo to come, she showed up completely out of nowhere! I usually get some symptoms about a week before she shows up. Almost always sore nipples and I usually spot for a day or 2 before I really start. I was about to head out to the grocery store when I started to cramp up and then almost immediately started full flow! That never happens! I totally can't believe it!

I have a feeling Chickenpig's beautiful written invite a couple hours before really made her happy and she decided to grace me with her presence. THANK YOU CHICKENPIG!!!! And Thank you everyone for all your advice. I think I will be doing the IUI a couple days before we leave so I should be ok! Praying it's ok!

I will be going in for blood work and an US on Saturday morning and will probably be starting my clomid then too! This is crazy! I am getting closer and closer!

Now all I have to do is convince Aunt Flo to go on a nice long 9 month vacation!


  1. Yay!  Hope the IUI goes well and I'll be reading you for follow ups.

  2. Yay for AF finally listening! May Clomid and the IUI work for you!

  3. Awesome!  I'm crossing my fingers that this cycle is it for you!  Maybe AF's sudden appearance is her last hurrah before her vacation?  I'm already sort of dreading the return in another 4-16 months (breastfeeding may keep the beast at bay).  

  4. WOOT!!! Let's hope that AF brings an awesome gift to the party! :)

  5. I really hope the IUI works for you :) Good luck and lots of prayers :)

  6. Praying for perfect timing for you!


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