Monday, December 19, 2011

the mad dash

So as you can see I changed my comments section to Disqus. I don't spend a ton of time on the computer so I get all my comments at once and by that time there are a few and if I want to reply it's all out of order and that bugs me. I like the idea of being able to comment back and forth on a post if I so choose and it just needs to be organized. That's just my OCD talking. I hope everyone still comments!

Anyway, today is the start of my cleaning, baking, decorating and wrapping mad dash before Christmas. Even though I am all excited about our upcoming IUI and in a good place mentally, I am just not feeling Christmas this year and have no drive to do any of the above mentioned. So now with only 5 days till Christmas (we celebrate Christmas eve) it is a mad dash to get things at least presentable.

I have been really bad about keeping up with housework. I have huge tumbleweeds floating down the hall from the cat, there are pine needles from all the trees and bushes outside tracked through the house, dirty laundry is piling up and our glass shower doors look frosted from the soap scum. There is a ton more to do, but I will spare the details because it is just embarrassing how much of a disaster my house is and I have the Hubby's family coming on Christmas day and a couple days after!

I love to bake, but I just have not been in the mood. I keep promising the Hubby that I will make him gluten free cookies and I just keep putting it off. I feel bad, but I just can't get into the spirit of it all. When I went to go bake with C my guardian angel it was different. I think I am more of a social baker now. I like hanging out and chatting with someone while we make delicious desserts. Something else that made it a really fun time, she had a kitchenaid standing mixer! I had never used one before and oh my gosh is that thing crazy easy and fun! I grew up mixing everything by hand and later in life I got a hand held electric mixer which made things a little faster. The standing mixer made it almost instant! Using it made me want one so bad, but I don't need it. I was telling the Hubby about it and he got that look on his face and I knew he wanted to get me one for Christmas. I told him no cuz I don't need it. He argued with me and said this is the first time in a very, very long time that I actually want something and he is going to get it for me. I never have a list which annoys the Hubby a bit. I sometimes ask for socks and undies, but the Hubby says that doesn't count.

So probably Tuesday or Wednesday the Hubby and I are going out to pick out our Christmas presents. We were already going out to pick out a socket set for him since I wanted to make sure he got the one he wants and now we are going to pick out a mixer for me! The Hubby said I can use it before Christmas as long as I make him cookies LOL! I told him I will be baking more often since this will make it so quick and easy!

Our tree is up, but still naked. We got a fake tree this year and I am not happy or sad about it. I kinda just don't care. For the last 3 years since we got married and bought a house we have been going out to get a tree with the Hubby's work friends. The first year she was pregnant with their first baby, the second year we pulled their cute little girl in a wagon around the tree farm and the third year she was pregnant with her second baby. This would have been the fourth year going out with them. We were waiting to hear the plan of when we were going and instead of a date we were told they were going with their parents this year. I feel like if we had kids they would probably still want to get together with us, but we are in different places in our lives now so we get left behind. That was one of the things that made it even harder to get into the spirit. We could have gone out ourselves to get one, but I was too pissed off so we got a fake one.

To me Christmas is all about the kids. Teaching them about Jesus and getting them all excited for His Birthday, having them help decorate and pick out/make gifts for family and friends, getting excited about Santa coming with a gift and baking and cooking our traditional feasts. It is still fun with my little brother, but every year without our own just drags me down. I know I have a long time till a baby is old enough to really get into all of it, but just having one around to show everything to would be nice.

Hopefully finally decorating, wrapping presents and baking this week will get me into the spirit of it all if not I just want it to fly by.


  1. Ugh it hurts so mush when friends have family and forget about you. I was gutted a few months ago when my friends son turned three and had a mid week party that I was not invited to. Hurt so much. Go the kitchen aid! I have some baking to do this week as well. Post some piccies of your creations and definitely when dealing with infertility treat yourself!!! You deserve it!

  2. I love my kitchen aid stand mixer.  I used to bake cookies for the soldiers my husband works with every week.  But now with so many of them deployed again I really have no one to bake for.  The stand mixer is a blessing when making cheese cake too.

  3. Disqus is awesome!  Blogger is always screwing up comments, so I love when people switch.  I'm incredibly jealous of your stand mixer (dying for a KitchenAid!).  And I'm with you on not feeling Christmas this year.  I feel like it's my last year to not get in to it and it's the last year we are planning on traveling for quite a while, so I'm just letting myself not feel it.

  4. Doing what you love is always a really good way of finding cheer and courage to soldier on  - happy baking, wrapping and sprucing, I say!

  5. I know this pain.  Who wants to be left behind just because we don't have kids?  Gd it sucks.


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