Tuesday, December 6, 2011

when you wish upon a star: disney part 4

Quick! Make a wish!
Beautiful star firework
Day 3 and our last night we went to The Magic Kingdom. Like everywhere else we saw everything and went on every ride. I really felt like a kid here. It brought back so many memories of coming here when I was little.

The Hubby and I strolled through the park hand in hand. It was very magical.

The castle was decorated with icicle lights for Christmas. It was beautiful. I took a lot of pics of the castle cuz it just looked so cool.
From the bridge with a reflection on the water.

That night we went back to Epcot for dinner at the Coral Reef Cafe. The restaurant is right next to the huge aquarium and a whole wall in the dining room is glass so you can see all the fish, sharks and turtles! We sat right next to the glass. Our view was beautiful.
Only got 1 pic. Was too busy eating amazing seafood.
When we went back our last night in Disney I was on a mission. We were there to see the fireworks, but there was one more thing I had to do. I wanted to make a wish at Cinderella's fountain. I dragged the Hubby through crowds of people who were finding the perfect spot to see the fireworks and there we stood in front of the fountain pennies in hand.
The Hubby went first. I told him not to tell me what his wish was, but tell me when it comes true. Then it was my turn. I am going to tell you my wish. I made a wish for all of you. Whatever part of your journey you are in that you find the wisdom, courage and strength to follow whatever path you choose, get through it and remember you are loved.

Then the Hubby and I shared a Mickey Mouse ice cream and watched the fireworks. It was the perfect ending.



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for your birthday wishes, Emily ... I hope that YOUR year is a year of wishes come true, too!

  2. I gave you a blog award <3 <3.

  3. @eggsinarow
    Thanks! I think I might blow one up and hang it in our computer room, which will eventually be a child's room.


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