Saturday, December 3, 2011

monorail: disney part 2

Day 2  we went to EPCOT!
 As soon as we got off the bus and walked toward the entrance the Hubby saw it, the Monorail, and the song started...

Hubby: "Well, sir, there's nothing on earth
like a genuine,
bona fide,
six car Monorail!
What did I say?"

And I obviously had to answer back.
Me: "Monorail!"

Hubby: "What's it called?"

Me: "Monorail!"

Hubby: "That's right! Monorail!"

And then we chant softly.
Both: "Monorail. Monorail. Monorail...

There is one person in the IF community that should know exactly what I am talking about, HI MO! For those of you who don't know and are probably thinking I'm a little crazy here you go, it is a song from the episode of The Simpsons where they build a Monorail in Springfield. There is more to the song, you can go watch it here.

From that point on, every time we got on one and almost every time we saw one the Hubby either started singing or we just chanted "Monorail. Monorail.." The Hubby is so much fun!

We saw everything and went on every ride. The only time I didn't have fun was when we went on Mission Space. I completely forgot that they spin the whole ride while you are in a pod to create the G force feeling while you watch a screen of your trip to mars. I don't do well with spinning...especially when I can't see I am spinning. I didn't puke thank goodness, but I got close. As soon as we got off the ride I had to sit down and we sat for a good 10 min waiting for the feeling to pass. The Hubby said I got very pale. The "cast members" working the ride were very nice and kept checking on me.

After that we headed to the World Showcase. We ate some nachos in Mexico to help get rid of the last bit of sick I was feeling. I love walking around to all the different countries. Seeing all the performers, checking out all the different shops and meeting people from the countries. I am partial to Norway. It could be because I am half Norwegian and grew up with the fairytales, lore, food and a little bit of the language.
 After hitting every country we went back to Norway to have dinner. I had made a reservation at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall because I wanted to try their food compared to what my family makes.
It was a character dinner, a Princess character dinner. hehehe The Hubby had been rolling his eyes about that part ever since I made the reservation a week prior. "I don't want to eat with the Princesses...grumble grumble. The place is gonna be filled with all little girls...grumble grumble grumble." He was just giving me a hard time about it to be funny.

When we walked in they had everyone take a picture with Belle before we were seated. They actually gave everyone copies of the pic for free! I was shocked. The pic they took came out better than mine, but I don't have a scanner.

 Belle told me the Hubby looks a little like the Beast and asked me if I had trained him because he was so well behaved and offered his arms for the pic. LOL! I said yes hehehe.

The hall was beautiful!

We started off with the koldtbord or "cold table" basically a salad bar, but this also had lots of cheeses, meats, smoked salmon and different pasta salads and beet salad. Lots of stuff my family makes. For the main meal I ate Kjottkake which are traditional Norwegian meatballs. They were served with mashed potatoes, veggies and a lingonberry sauce. I swear they stole my Moma's (Grandma) recipe!! It was so good! For dessert we both had resecream which is a type of rice pudding mixed with heavy cream. My family makes it for every holiday and I make it at least once a month. It was good, but a little sweeter than I make it.

While we ate the Princesses walked around to talk to everyone. Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and ARIEL!!! I finally saw Ariel!! And I got a pic with her! I told her she is my favorite and she was very happy about that.

When they came to our table each one of them asked me if the Hubby was my Prince. I said yes and they proceeded asking him lots of questions like "Did you take her to a ball?" "Did you meet her at a wishing well?" and my personal favorite "Did you slay any dragons for her?" He said yes and they were very impressed hehehe.

We had an amazing time!



  1. Dude I am soooo jealous!

  2. Oh my you are making me so very hungry. Thanks! Well at least I have ribs to look forward to tonight, my hubby is grilling.


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