Thursday, January 12, 2012

Godspell was soooo gooood!

I wanted to send out a HUGE Thank You to Krissi over at Stress Free Infertility. I won 2 tickets to Godspell when she had her giveaway. She did a review you can read here.

I went to see it with my Mom on Tuesday night. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and just what I needed to start off my 2WW! I was pleasantly surprised when my IUI landed on Tuesday morning. I had something to look forward to that night and get my mind off IF, enjoy some time with my Mom and de-stress.

Our night was pretty crazy and would have probably stressed me out a bit in the past, but I was relaxed and nothing got to me. We only live a half hour outside NYC so we just took a bus to port authority. By the time my Mom got my Little Brother settled with the babysitter it was a little later than when we originally wanted to leave (4:30 instead of 4) but we knew we would still have time to get in and sit down to have a nice dinner. Yea, that didn't happen. We ended up not getting off the bus till 6:20! The show was at 7! There was tons of traffic. I have gone in many times before around that time and never experienced that much traffic. But it was fine, we got to do a lot of catching up on the bus (but she still doesn't know we did the IUI)

When we got off the bus it was a mad dash! 8 blocks to get to the theater! Nothing I haven't done before, but I was still cramping a bit from the IUI. I was still good. We were laughing the whole way and I wasn't worried at all that I was lowering my chances of conceiving from doing so much. It really felt nice to not worry. Is it bad that I am not worried?

Anyway, we got there and had a little time before we absolutely had to take our seat and we were both starving so we scarfed down a sandwich from a place across the street and then went in. When we asked if we could bring our waters in the guy said "Yes, as long as you don't turn it into wine!" LOL! If you watch the video above you will see the stage is round and surrounded on all sides by seats so there is not a bad seat in the place. I didn't pick up the tickets till we got there so I had no idea where we were sitting. I figured we would be up in the middle somewhere. NOPE! We were front row right next to the main ramp they used to get on the stage! The only thing in front of us was a main isle they used throughout the show and right in front of the stage were cushions on the floor where people sat too. Both our jaws dropped when we saw where we were sitting!

I absolutely loved how they had all the musicians, most of the time playing guitars, up in their own little spots in the audience and the piano was built into the stage and used to stand on during the show.  They really use the whole theater throughout the show, but we were really right in the middle of it. They were standing on the railings right next to us or dancing in the isle right in front of us. The man who played Jesus actually gave my Mom and I high tens! LOL! They brought people up on stage from the audience and had them play different parts. It was so cool! My Mom had seen Godspell when she was a teenager so she remembered all the songs and was singing along. She actually liked how they updated some of the songs and included modern references and jokes. I have been humming and singing the songs constantly.

The songs were so uplifting and the modern twist on the gospel was just amazing! I don't think I could have picked a better way to start my 2WW. I have seen many many musicals in NYC over the years and this one is without a doubt my favorite now. This inspirational musical was exactly what I needed to help me keep my hope in this cycle. It also gave my Mom and I much needed one on one time since our relationship has been on the mend. We had lots of laughs and she really appreciated that I took her.

After the show we walked the streets a bit, ate a dirty water hotdog which is always so good and shared a delicious peanut butter and chocolate cupcake from a popular bakery called crumbs. I was a perfect evening.

Oh yea, and we ended up missing our bus back so we had to wait another hour for the next one. I was still fine. Not stressed at all and I am still in a very good place.

Thank you again Krissi!


  1. Sounds like you had a blast.  Try not to stress out during the 2ww.  Good Luck!

  2. Your welcome! I'm so glad you had a great time!! Good luck in the 2ww!!

  3. How awesome! Don't worry about running, etc., you're fine. My doc never gave me any restrictions after IUI, so just enjoy your life like you normally would.

  4. I don't know what a Dirty Water Hotdog is, but I want one.  Or five.  I'm glad you had a fun night and are feeling good!

  5. LOL! That is what we call the hotdogs from the carts around the streets of NYC. They are always sooo good.

  6. So glad you had such a great night!! I am jealous you live so close to NYC.... I have always wanted to go. Crossing my fingers this is the cycle for you.    :) 

  7. Oh man, street meat is the best thing ever.

  8. Sounds fabulous!!! I LOVE musical theatre (although have never seen Godspell!) I was actually very involved in my HS and some summer theatre when I was young. I was very lucky to go to NYC and I saw Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk while we were out there 1998). When my mother and I are in England in April we're going to see Phantom of the Opera! Which, just like Godspell, I've never seen! I know...I did theatre for many years and NEVER knew Phantom! Course I'm a "RENT"head... :p
    Anyways - good luck with the 2WW!!!!  My fingers are crossed for you!


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