Saturday, January 21, 2012

today was a good day

First I want to say HI to everyone visiting from IComLeavWe! I absolutely love this week! I love handing out Big Hugz and getting some in return. If you want to learn about IComLeaveWe you can read about it over at Stirrup Queens.

If you don't know me Hi my name is Emily! You can learn about me here. I am currently nearing the end of my first IUI 2WW! I go for my beta on Tuesday! If you would like to read my timeline you can do that here. And now onto my day.

The Hubby and I didn't do much of anything today and it was good. It was snowing most of the day so we were not going anywhere. We woke up late, ate breakfast and vegged out.

Is it just me or does something about snow storms make you hot for your Honey too? Since they IUI I have basically felt at peace with everything. We did what we could do and it is out of our hands. It is amazing what being at peace can do to the horizontal polka! I mean, WOW! These past 2 weeks have been sooo fun. Sorry if that is TMI, just on my mind.

So after some fun we vegged out some more. While we were in bed watching tv and dozing off the Hubby put his hand on my lower belly and gave a little rub. It made me smile. I don't think he realized he did this because he was half asleep.  I know he has so much hope that I am pregnant and the little things he does are just so sweet.

The snow finally stopped so we had to go out and shovel. If we didn't live on a big corner we would probably just leave it till tomorrow, but we have lots of sidewalk to do. The Hubby told me I could come out, but I wouldn't be doing much since I could be pregnant. He used the snow blower and I followed behind him and cleaned up any little areas that were missed. We only got 5 inches so there wasn't too much and it was pretty light and fluffy.

When we came back in we ate a late lunch/early dinner and vegged out some more. That is about it. It was good.


  1. I'm glad your having such an awesome weekend!! I can't wait till your beta! I'm hoping good things for you guys, I want lots and lots of + first IUI for good vibes going in to our next month. LOL

  2. Hello, stopping over from ICLW. I'm also on my first IUI 2WW. I will definitely stop back on Tuesday to see how it goes, good luck!! And for the record, yes, I agree, snow storms are good times for some lovin! :)

  3. I sure am glad that you are doing great. Just sending my love and prayers. Good luck!

  4. Love it! Never a TMI in the blogging world! Have fun "having fun" - the end of the TWW is coming! :)

  5. Ahhhh! I think I am more anxious about your beta than you are!!! :)

  6. Happy ICLW!

    And here I thought I was the only one whose sex life seemed to spike during snow storms. :) Best of luck and I hope your beta comes back with some good news!


It is always exciting finding new comments! I really love knowing you were here!

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