Thursday, March 1, 2012

march photo challenge: self portrait

I have been really trying to keep my mind off this cycle completely and so far I am doing pretty good! I decided to help keep myself occupied and my mind on anything but, I would join in the fun Belle started over at Scrambled Eggs. She made up her own March Photo Challenge! If you would like to join in the fun go here to read all about it.

Here are the prompts.
So day one is self portrait.

I decided to finally post a pic of me in my new glasses. I only wear them when driving so I took the pic in the car. I just realized that my left eyebrow looks like I have a huge chunk out of the top! I do not! Must be the flash or something!


  1. Love the glasses! And I love that you are playing along during this challenge!

  2. Lovely glasses! Hi, this is my first stop by your blog, I love this photo challenge, it is introducing me to loads of really lovely blogs. I really think doing the challenge is going to help keep my mind of my TWW. I got a little overexcited about getting the photo yesterday actually! He he.

    1. I know what you mean. I am excited to keep posting the pics and see everyones.

  3. Love the glasses! Super cute pic :) And my eyebrows are always doing weird things in pictures, too! But I don't think it's noticeable to anyone else, b/c I didn't notice that "chunk" you mentioned until you pointed it out!

  4. Cute glasses! Sounds like a fun challenge.

  5. I love it! And I didn't notice the eyebrow either. :)

  6. what a fun challenge!!! I might just join! :)
    and i REALLY like the glasses! very cute!

  7. I think it's a great pic! And it's so crazy that happened with your eyebrow, cause I thought the same thing about the photo of me with my dogs for the Domestic Prompt (Day 3)... my left eyebrow looks a bit, well, lacking. And it's not. Too funny.


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