Sunday, March 11, 2012

march photo challenge: living

Today's prompt is Living

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this prompt is our trip to Disney we took this past November. Before then we were basically not living our lives. We were on hold. We didn't go anywhere or do much of anything. We were in a funk for a long time. I had talked to my psyc and she really brought it up. I talked to the Hubby about it and we decided to make a change. We got out of the house more often. Visited family. Took care of us. And he surprised me with a trip to Disney. We hadn't been away since our honeymoon 3 years prior. The trip gave us the chance to refresh, talk, and just be with each other.

We are still trying to keep ourselves out of the funk. We push each other. We work together. So are so much better.


  1. Disney magic, you just can't beat it. I went to Florida when I was 12 but would love to go again.

  2. I love this pic and I will be there in less than two weeks!!!

  3. Beautiful photo, I envy you since I've never been there.

  4. Popping in to say hi - I've been gone too long!
    What a great pic, makes me miss Disneyland. :-)

  5. Disney World... such a perfect place to go to be happy and act like a kid again. So sweet that your hubby surprised you with that trip!


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