Monday, March 5, 2012

march photo challenge: commute

Today's prompt is commute

Since I am unemployed I don't really have a commute. The farthest place I go is to my RE 30 min away. I take back roads there and this is my favorite part. It's a little difficult to squeeze 2 cars through at once so I stopped to take a pic and let the other car through first.


  1. What a lovely road! That would be my favorite part of the drive, also :)

  2. I absolutely love tunnels! When Mr. Husband and I were dating he took me on a vacation to San Fran to woo me. During the trip he sought out as many tunnels as he could think of. I loved it! It was strange and romantic. And strange :)

  3. You and I, the stay at home girls hey. I like taking back roads places too, so many more interesting things to see. I actually did do a day of supply today and it was soooo good to have a focused day back in the saddle.

  4. Love the tunnel bridge picture.

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